8 Truths We Can Learn From President Muhammadu Buhari’s Utterances And Actions

Since May 29th, 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari has made utterances and taken actions that have affected our lives in positive and negative ways. Some to his and our betterment and others to our detriment. Below are eight truths we can learn from his actions and utterances and apply in running groups, managing a team or ruling a people.

Your Body Language Matters

As the head of a team, the head of a society of people, your body language has effect on the behavior of the members of that society or team. Your body language could inspire honesty, fear, transparency, lies, etc. Within the first four months of President Buhari’s inauguration, there were palpable evidences of the effects of his body language among the people. While corruption was still going on, there existed a certain fear in the hearts of corrupt people. But he didn’t capitalise on it. He let that body language die a natural death by not sustaining it with enough convictions and points. As a team leader, your people read your body language. They know when you are in for honesty. They know when you deviate from it too. They know when you are unpredictable. Your body language is a powerful tool. Put it to good use. Capitalize on it in passing messages to your team members. Never you start well and head downwards because they will know. And when they know, they will treat you accordingly.

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Passion Is Never Enough Reason

Passion is never enough reason to start anything. Having sound knowledge of how it works is also required before one can begin to aspire for a position. President Buhari showed passion for the position of Nigeria’s President but so far, he has shown that he didn’t back it up with the right intellectual and mental requirements to run such position. It seems he thought his passion for hatred of corruption and corrupting elements alone was what was needed to eradicate that monster from the system. That you are passionate about something, even if it is a male or female, is not enough reason to have a relationship with them. Passion is just a mere emotion. The bane of good businesses, relationships and careers are correct information. Being passionate about starting a business is not enough reason to start one as passion is not intellectual and businesses are run by the right intellect and not the emotion. So, if you have got passion and aspire to pursue any career, you should also get information.

Don’t Sow Division Among Team Members

No father who really wants to encourage peace in his household divides it by telling certain members of the family to expect little from him. President Buhari, while in Washington, said he will not treat the constituencies that gave him 97% the same way he will treat the ones that gave him 5%. You don’t make such utterances in any organization, talk more, one that is highly divided. You don’t pit members of your team, whether directly or indirectly, if you want positive results. You will be calling for sabotage from certain members when you do so. Shun any statement that shows certain members, of similar ranks, are more important that their peers. If whatever you are going to say will not foster the unity of the organization or team, refrain from saying it.

Don’t Speak Bad of Your Organization

Almost everyone has some cockroach in their closet and it is not healthy to always talk about yours. It is like trying to sell a car to a person and telling them that the car has caused more accidents than any other one in history. It is obvious from there that selling cars is not your forte. On so many occasions, President Buhari in the company of world leaders told them that because Nigeria harbour many criminals, the world despise us. At the same time he was marketing Nigeria to them. And one wonders if the entrepreneurs in these countries he’s trying to lure to Nigeria will work with ghosts. Never speak ill of your organization. If you want to make a confession you should go to the church. You don’t tell your neighbours you gave birth to criminals and ask them to help find them a job in the same sentence. Don’t confuse it with honesty. There is a difference between stupidity and honesty.

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Get Competent Hands

Almost all the high profile cases embarked upon by the Buhari’s administration have seen the accused go free. Some were not even worthy to be heard in the courts. As a team leader, always make sure the members of your team are not interested in simply appearing good and competent by playing to the gallery. When you have people interested in what others think of their work than in the work themselves, you know there is a problem. People need feel or test products to deduce competency. Competency is not what the advertiser shows off. So, before you promote a product, make sure it is sound or people will lose faith in you after several tests.

Work With Like Minds

Work with a familiar team. Bukola Sarki was never the choice of the ruling party or the President. Ike Ekweremmadu, the Deputy Senate President, from a different party, was not the choice of the ruling party or the President. These have made the possibility of passing some unique bills difficult. I won’t delve into the integrity of these bills here. I’m not asking for a manipulation of the system but supporting people you think share your mindset in pursuing a goal. Every team you form should be of people with like minds. Failure to do this is invitation for trouble. You don’t build a house with different plans from different architects working at the same time. You define your goal and get teammates that share your ideas.

Don’t Show That Some People Are ‘More Equal’ Than Others

Never you ever show preferential treatment to your workers or team members of the rank. In classifying the Fulani Herdsmen, who have been on rampage, as Libyan Herdsmen, while protesters from the Shia group and IPOB were shot, President Buhari opened the door for bias and sentimentalism in the system. Never you try to make excuses for certain members of your team while condemning others for doing same. They will see through your bias and declare a war against you. You don’t want to oversee a group, a team, or a people with genuine grievances. All ‘crazy’ people in the system must be treated equally. All troublemakers must be meted punishments with respect to the weight of the offence committed. Failure to do this is an invite to chaos and weakening of the system or organization.

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