7 Categories Of Nigerians Still In Support Of Buhari’s Failure

They say failure is an orphan but have you seen today’s Nigeria where President Buhari’s Failure is treated like some deodorant? They say only success attract people to a man but they didn’t consider the power of corrupted minds around a corrupted mind. They say a failed person carries a gift of shame but they forgot there is a word free people called Zombie. A walking dead without feelings or working grey matters. Under the umbrella of zombies, words and works of clowns are donned crowns. Men lie, men die, men cry while we only frown and when we speak out, some old shameless liar, Lai Mohammed, accuse us of hate speech. The prophets of Baal here are too numerous and there is often no Elijah to demystify their sorcery. Just like the despotic king Nebuchadnezzar roasting stubborn men on microwaves, one empty man has been shooting down contrary thoughts. President Buhari has failed in all fonts but everyday we see people making excuses for him. Most of them, more educated, more empathetic and better human beings making excuses for a failure and character who has crossed all red lines of humanity. The problems, in their vituperations, is usually not the making of the man in charge but those around him. That is, if they feel enough remorse to agree there is a problem.

Some other defenders disagree anything has gone bad even with the evident lack of respect for rule of law, disregard for the lives and needs of Nigerians, tacit support and encouragement of the Fulani Herdsmen violence, those he called foreigners, the new found tactics of shooting and killing protesters, the high inflation rate, the loss of about 8 million jobs and a more divided Nigeria, something his obviously more reasonable wife, Aisha Buhari, and daughter, Zahra, are worried about. He tried choking them with the stench of his failure but the woman and her daughter said no. If we want to be fair, he is easily the worst President in the history of Nigeria. No President has directly and successfully divided Nigeria along tribal, religious and economic lines. His crudity, lack of human relationship skills, his religious and tribal extremism made these shameful achievements possible. He has exhibited attributes that warrant impeachment in any fully civilised democratic country. Some have taken sycophancy to new heights by encouraging a failure to try again. If this man needs our support to win in 2019 and he is this ruthless imagine what will happen pro 2019 when our votes are no longer needed. That is if our votes are needed in 2019.

Who are these people? Who are these men who saw that situation where a man lost 73 children but was summoned to the house of his superior neighbour and protector for calm and mourning, against human and African tradition, and still consider that neighbour, whose kids did the damage, sane? Who are the men who saw nothing wrong when a group of religious protesters where gunned down by the men who are supposed to protect them? Who are these persons who can’t see insanity in sending troops to kill young men only rejoicing over the victory of Donald Trump? Any government, leader, ruler, etc., who can’t protect the lives of their people, who doesn’t value their lives, no matter what their achievements look like, has failed in their primary duties. Buhari’s Failure is in primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary duties. Some group of young men said they wanted out of Nigeria, so they started insulting everyone on their path and they were killed for simply insulting Nigeria and you saw nothing wrong with it or the one who ordered the killings. Something must be wrong with you. Another group of people engage in killings and not one has been shot by the same people who killed protesters and you see nothing wrong with it or the man who ordered the first type of peace. Let’s be honest here, you are sick in the head.

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1. The Gainers: It is traditional not to talk when you are eating. It is a show of bad table manners to talk with food in your mouth. These are the first people on the food chain. They don’t care about the positivity or negativity in the policies of the President as long as they still eat on the same table or allowed some crumbs. Expecting truth or commonsense from them is like expecting a fish to ride a bicycle. Here, you will find the Buhari Media Centre, BMC, crew, who, I think, occupy the position of Social Media Influencers in our recent budget(180 Million Naira was budgeted for this huge project in the 2017 budget). Their goal is to paint the President in a good light and fight dirty with those who disagree. Buhari’s Failure is washed up and dressed as light and any attempt to counter their claim is corruption fighting back. Currently we have a Minister already campaigning for the second tenure of the President. He is already printing caps with the face of the failed President and sharing among colleagues in the blind faith of Buhari worship. He is taking sycophancy to great heights and achieving great things for his lord. If he loves the President so much what did he do, in terms of policies and infrastructure, to sell him to the masses? If he loves success and wanted the prosperity of the country, he’d had rejected the job when he was called to handle a position he’s unfit to occupy.

2. The Religious Fanatics: These ones are more connected by religion than by citizenship and as long as a person of their religion is in power, they can never rise above religious sentiments in assessing his performance. Performance should go to hell because religion is more important here. Even a dead man of the same religion is a better leader than a living smarter man of different religion. These ones don’t have to be of the same tribe with the President even though they are more prominent in those of the same tribe. They don’t care that he has increased the tension in the land to a height even demons will envy. They may be broke and dying of poverty and policies that the man they are defending instituted but they dare not voice out and when they do, they speak of imaginary positive leaps that exist only in the propaganda house. These ones will betray a fellow Nigerian, of even same stock and environment, for another person of same religion, different country, in far away continent. To these ones, it is victory for Nigeria only when it is victory for their religion. Their educational qualifications don’t matter. Even a professor will fall here. Scholars and lovers of philosophy will fall here. Some of them see leadership as an exclusive right of their faith and anything contrary is an invitation to chaos. These ones will do fine in the dark ages.

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3. The Tribal Religionists: These are people of same tribe who love to confuse tribalism for outright stupidity and support for stupidity. They confuse protecting their own for protecting and encouraging stupidity. These ones, in the case of the current President, have come to attach their religion to tribal identity. That is, they see their religion and tribe as one singular concept. They don’t really care about opinions of others of similar religion. They also don’t care about the opinion of brothers of the same tribe but different religion. To them, it is intertwined. That is why some persons that fall in this category can inflict harm and pain on siblings, family members and friends just because they differ in religion or tribe. To them religion is tribe and vice versa and if you are not that threaded, your negative opinion on the President, even if they are true, was inspired by mischief. Not that they love to fight any mischief. No. They only hate that ‘mischief’ done by another hand. So, they defend him with all might and hide some of their arguments under religion to draw sympathy from the naive of similar religion or tribe. This is very smart and I must admit, with a touch of genius. Theirs’ is not just any form of tribalism but a kind of position with some properties of the paradoxical. Because it is intertwined, a thoroughbred MUST be neither of the religious or tribal affiliation BUT told by thoroughbreds he or she only needs to be one. This here is genius.

4. The Less Informed: The set of Nigerians who really thought Buhari was the messiah, those set of persons who never bothered to check the works of his first coming, that set of good hearted Nigerians who swallowed half truths and lies from the media and every corner, hook, line, sinker, are good specimen here. That was in the the past but there is still a set of Nigerians who still live in that lie shelter, who don’t care about the news and when they do, they don’t understand that the source of a news or its nature has a lot to do with its correctness. These ones are lovers of ‘dem say dem say’ news. Easy to deceive and to play with. Easy to be swayed by lying headlines. Here, it is not about being soundly educated but being sound as regards to news and alertness of situations in the country. You will find medical doctors, Engineers, Professors, Akara sellers, etc., here. Their knowledge of the state of the country is whatever they hear another half baked brother talk about. So, these ones honestly don’t know buhari is a failure. If you tell them Buhari failed because Jonathan stole everything they will believe you. They don’t understand that a station like NTA is the propaganda machine of any ruling party and to always expect truth from them is like looking up to Satan for salvation. They are often good people but because they’ve dammed news and every other story of this annoying country, you can deceive them easily. The advent of hunger inspired these ones to do some questioning and the number is progressively reducing.

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5. The Potential Gainers: Recently, some members of these group visited the President to anoint and assure him of Eastern Votes. People like Orji Uzor Kalu who ruled and failed Abia State for 8 years under the PDP was with them. By preaching Buhari’s imaginary success, he is protecting himself from probe and because Buhari is not a good man or competent, Kalu, who will look nice on prison garments, dined on the table of Gods. He is protecting himself against any probe of that failed system he ran in Abia State and he’s winning. Another set, which he is also an executive member, are after an Igbo President in 2023. They believe that if they support Buhari and he wins the next election, he will hand over to an Igbo man in 2023. They are ready to lie, steal and destroy the country further because they want an Igbo President. Not because they love their tribe, Igbo, but because they want to use them as the stepping stone for more treachery and stealing. If people like Orji Uzor Kalu loved his tribe he would have shown it in leadership when he had the chance in Abia State. These set of people will tell you today’s Nigeria is the definition of good governance and whoever is against Buhari is corrupt and paid when they are the corrupt ones who want to be paid. These set want power just for the love of power and not because they know how to use it positively. They will tell you Buhari is the only competent person available now. These ones lick ass, suck ass and even when the fecal wastes escape into their odoriferous mouths, they call it chocolate.

6. The Cowards: These ones are scared. They live around people who love and worship Buhari and are scared to utter in their presence or any platform, where these people can be found, the true state of affairs. You often see this in the attitude of that Christian and Muslim friends who have an opinion on a particular wrong teaching of each other’s religion but have refrained from sharing the truth because of their friendship. Imagine having a father who thinks Buhari is really working or a Mother who says only evil people are afraid of Buhari and you want to be a good son or daughter. That is what you will get. A full blown coward who is afraid of the truth and constantly lying to himself that Buhari is the best thing since the internet. When your friend, family member says Buhari is doing well and you want to maintain the relationship with lies, you join him in hailing Buhari. You are burning inside because you have seen different shades of poverty and hardship but what the hell is this, you wonder. You must maintain the profile of a coward to maintain the relationship so you cherish the moment with fake anger at the opponents of Buhari’s rudderless leadership. Coward! Online, you want to cuss the man and wish him all he’s wished you but you remember someone is watching. A friend is watching and this will destroy your friendship. The best you can do is to ask for prayers even though you know prayers wouldn’t make an idiot savant smart. Coward!

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7. The Proud: These ones have come to realise they made mistakes and they now know the extent of the mistake they made. They act like a Professor who was outwitted by a boy in Primary School and they will do everything to defend their actions. To them, they never made mistakes and Buhari is on the right track, and will defend it until they get a black eye. They usually use the argument that presented with same options again, they will still vote for Buhari. Ogbeni, we understand! That the corruption then was too much and the clueless one, GEJ, had to be sent back to Otueke. They know they wouldn’t choose an illiterate, who has not developed himself for thirty years, with a doubtful SSCE result, to a PhD holder, to run their company, but admitting that will be, to them, tantamount to admitting failure. If a man failed, you don’t choose a greater failure to replace him but that was what this set did and they know now. They are proud and admitting he failed is difficult. They are proud and wouldn’t let any error taint their ‘high’ level intelligence. Akuko! Before these ones condemn any of Buhari’s Failure they first say, ‘ GEJ was not option’ as though simply saying the words washes away sins and gifts intelligence. Admit it, boys, you were as not as smart as you thought. *Winks*. Their is no intelligence in voting in a worse failure to replace a failure. The only thing you will find there are emotions. And it is not even an emotion of love, but hate.

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